What are the best renewable energy stocks to invest in?

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Given climate change, the topics of energy transition and renewable energies are becoming increasingly important according to several reviews. More and more states are moving away from coal, gas, and oil. Instead, the future of wind, water, and solar power generation has recently been seen. Green Energy Stocks are a growing market. As many emerging countries, such as China, India, and South Africa, have also followed this trend in electricity generation, it can now be said that almost 30 percent of the world’s energy supply is renewable energy.

Renewable energy is a growing industry, and this growth is likely to continue. Below we present some of the best stocks in the renewable energy space.

Investing in renewable energy: what you need to know

It is not only the state institutions that are in favor of renewable energy. Even many respected energy companies from RWE to Siemens and Total are actively active in the field. In addition to Europe and the US, China has become an engine of innovation in the field of renewable energy. These companies are convinced of their project, not least because of the increase in renewable energy efficiency.

Renewable energy is an expanding industry. It is estimated that 30% of global energy production will come from renewable energy sources by 2020. Energy production from renewable energy sources such as hydropower, solar energy, and wind energy has increased by 5% worldwide this year. year compared to 2019. The sector will certainly grow in the next ten to thirty years, and the purchase of renewable energy stocks means investment in the future.

With almost 60%, hydropower is the largest source of renewable energy. Solar and wind energy account for most of the remaining share of energy generation from renewable energy sources. The expansion and development of the renewable energy sector mean for you that investment opportunities arise here and that you should keep an eye on this sector.

How to buy or invest in shares of renewable energy companies

Buying and investing are two different ways to gain access to shares in renewable energy companies. “Buy” often refers to trading, which means that you take a speculative position in the stocks of renewable energy companies.

Renewable energy: What is the perspective?

The prospects for renewable energy are bright, especially as many governments around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of burning fossil fuels. In the UK, electricity has been produced from sources other than coal for more than two months in 2020. And in the US, the use of coal for energy production has fallen by 19% in 2019.

If this transition to renewable energy continues in the next few years through offshore and onshore wind farms and solar systems, the prospects for renewable energy will become better in the coming years.