Top Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

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Taking the time to stage your home can provide many benefits, as it can improve the quality of the images used to advertise your property, generating more interest, more viewings, a faster sale and even a higher price.

We spoke to some expert Grays estate agents to gather the very best, top tips to help you stage your home ready for selling.

· Declutter

This is so often the one thing that people fail to properly carry out, even though it is probably the most important and effective. Try to box up and pack away any excess clutter, photo frames, nick knacks or personal items to make the space you do have feel bigger and more open. Of course, there is a balance which you need to strike so don’t get rid of everything but allow potential buyers to be able to imagine their own belongings in the space.

· Rooms and Zones

Space is something that most homeowners wish they had more of and often have to get creative with, using rooms for dual purposes – whether that’s a makeshift office in the dining room or a playroom in the conservatory. When you are preparing your home for sale, you should try to make sure that every room or area has a clear purpose so that the potential buyers can easily see how the space can be used.

· Stimulate the Senses

Of course, the visual aspect is the one you think of the most when staging a home but there are a number of ways you can subtly stimulate the other senses to really set the scene for viewings. Use scented candles, plugs ins or wax melts to give the house a beautiful scent throughout, make sure the temperature is at the perfect setting, light a fire in the winter if you have one and play soft music in the background if you want to.

· Maintenance

Make sure that the property is well maintained, especially in key areas that buyers will look for. This means making repairs, giving a deep clean or a lick of paint to things like tired walls, doors, fencing and flooring as well as replacing all lightbulbs that are out and using a grout pen on discoloured grout.

· Dressing the Home

Think about the accessories your home has to offer, soft furnishings and any spare furniture you may have. Think about how you can use them and where you can place them in the home to elevate the spaces you have. Get creative with some paint or new handles or to upcycle existing pieces to match your colour schemes and save money. Get inspiration from online sources, magazines, and accounts on social media apps like Instagram or Pinterest. Some colourful scattered cushions on the sofa, a throw on an armchair, some beautiful books stacked on a coffee table and the dining table set up with plates and place settings can really make an impact.