Selling Your Home at Christmas

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When you are selling your home, it may not always be possible or viable to move during a specific month of the year. Sometimes the dates and times when completing contracts, may fall on busy times of the year or even during festive holidays. Estate agents such as Balgores property group will be able to advise and guide you through the process, no matter what time of year you are looking at selling. In the meantime, why not look at our handy tips below?

Should the Christmas decorations stay up?

There are many things to consider when deciding how far to go with the festive home decor during the Christmas season. Ultimately, the choice is yours. You can choose to decorate your home as you usually would, or you could tone things down a little. A few key questions to ask yourself may include:

How might the festive decor affect my sale? Chances are that your sale won’t be negatively impacted by having a few Christmas decorations up inside or outside the house. However, you should certainly look at any key selling points of your house such as kitchens and outside space and ensure that you aren’t blocking off or detracting attention from any areas that you need to clearly showcase.

Is it worth the hassle? Is it worth the hassle of putting festive decor up when you may have to remove them again if your home has a quick sale? This comes down to personal preference.

What does the rest of the household think? Discuss the options with the rest of your family. It is likely that younger children will want to enjoy the magic of Christmas and may benefit from having their usual Christmas decor.

Hurdles to overcome when selling at Christmas

When selling your home during winter and the Christmas holidays, you shouldn’t need to worry unless you are very close to Christmas day itself. Most businesses stay open in the run-up to Christmas day, but there are a few who will close early. Consider asking all the businesses that you will be dealing with (including estate agents) what their Christmas hours are, so that you can plan in advance. You may continue to face more hurdles as you move into the new year as some people do take an extended holiday. Whatever the date, just be sure to plan and arrange as much as possible in advance and lock in those bookings. Removal companies and property services may get booked up quickly.

Are there any plus points of selling your home at Christmas?

Christmas might be a slightly more stressful time to sell your home, but there are always plus points. Once you have sold your home, fingers crossed you’ll be able to move into a fresh new property and spend the festive season making lots of memories in your new home.