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Everyone loves a hot tub. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind by yourself, with friends, family, loved ones, or perhaps with a glass of bubbly!

Having your own hot tub at home makes a fabulous focal point in your garden or outside space, providing the perfect place for socialising. As a result, holding a hot tub party could be ideal if there is something special you are celebrating.

Fun for all the family, everyone can enjoy the soothing effects of a hot tub, and in this article we’ll be sharing some of our go to ideas to ensure you throw a hot tub party which people won’t forget in a hurry!
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Who to invite?

Depending on how big your hot tub is, you’ll want to consider how many people you’ll want to invite to your party. Whether you have a four-seater tub or an 8-seater tub, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to have everyone at the party enjoying the tub at the same time, so you’ll want to ensure that everyone has the chance to sit in it.
As a result we’d advise not inviting too many people so that everyone gets at least one chance to try it out!


What time of the year?

Here in the UK the weather is usually pretty unpredictable, however a hot tub can be enjoyed throughout the seasons… you don’t just have to stick to the summer months!

In fact, autumn and winter hot tub parties are especially fun as the heat from the tub is super relaxing when it’s cold outside. Believe it or not it’s a lovely experience to sit in a hot tub when it’s raining!

Why not throw a Halloween themed party, or even enjoy the hot tub on Christmas Day?! You’ll just want to make sure you have plenty of towels and blankets to wrap up in when you get out!

Ensure you have plenty of snacks and nibbles

What’s a party without good food?! Ensure you put on a good spread, however, try to avoid actually eating in the hot tub itself… it could create a nightmare to clean!

Party drinks

A hot tub party isn’t complete without some delicious drinks and cocktails are always the perfect accompaniment!
Make your own cocktails to wow your guests – from a classic cosmo to an espresso martini! Cheers!
Something to bear in mind though, if you’re drinking alcohol, it’s best to have your drink after you’ve gotten out of the tub. This can help prevent you and your guests feeling unwell from the heat.

Spare towels

Ensure you have an extra supply of towels available for your guests, as someone is bound to forget theirs, so you’ll want to make sure you have a few handy just in case. There’s nothing worse than being cold and wet!
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