How to Successfully Renovate Your Garden During Winter

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Winter weather can make renovating your garden a long and challenging process at times. However, if this is the only time that you can undertake your urgent renovations we’ve put together some top tips for success. From basic garden updates to soft strip demolition tasks, we’ve got you covered.

Check weather forecasts for important updates

Checking the weather forecast is vital when you are thinking about renovations. On most weather apps you can check up to a week in advance, and although you can never be guaranteed a 100% accurate forecast, this should give you enough of an idea to base your plans on.

Finding a day when the weather is tolerable may be hard here in the UK, but you only really need a few days without torrential rain or high winds.

Create a watertight area for storage

You may still find that despite your best efforts, the weather can randomly turn rainy or drizzly at a moment’s notice. For this reason, you should aim to create a dry and weatherproof storage or work area. You can create this from tarpaulin or by commandeering an unused annex or outbuilding. Here you will be able to keep tools and supplies dry, without making the house dirty. You can also mix cement and prepare items for use. Be sure to check with the property owner when it comes to what outdoor areas can be used and how long you have access to them for.

Wait for dry weather for big demolition tasks

When it comes to large demolition or soft strip out jobs, it could be completely pointless to try tackling these in wet and rainy conditions. You run the risk of machinery such as diggers becoming stuck in the mud, and more mess being created as you try to clear certain areas.

Keep inside areas clean

Keeping the indoors of any property clean whilst living on a building site can be difficult to manage. You should be fully prepared for builders and tradesmen to pop into the house with muddy work boots and wet clothing on. One way to minimalism the mess, is to lay down plastic flooring protection in any areas where access could be required.

Buy your garden supplies out of season

There are actually some advantages to completing your garden renovation projects during winter. One of these is the fact that many items will be discounted in January and winter sales. You can be sure to pick up some fantastic bargains by shopping for the more expensive essentials out of season.

Items to look for in the January sales include:

Garden furniture – you are likely to find some fantastic deals on items such as garden furniture in the sales. These can be expensive to buy at full price, so if you have the means of transport to get these large items home, you could save a pretty penny. Look for wooden garden benches, arches and pergolas.

Plants and flowers – there will be a whole host of cheap flowers and seeds available in stores throughout the cold winter months when no one wants to be out in the garden. Take the opportunity to stock up on what you think you might need!

Paving slabs and stones – the cost of paving slabs and stones can add up fast. Look for deals on products that match your garden renovation plans.