How do I know if a landlord is trustworthy?

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Finding the right rental home can be tough, with tenants facing rising costs and growing competition across some of the most popular markets and areas to live. As a lettings agent in Rise Park, we often meet families and prospective tenants who know what they want from a rental home, and pride ourselves in pairing tenants with the best homes according to their specific needs, preferences, and budget.

However, one of the biggest questions we get asked centres around the landlord themselves, and how to spot a trustworthy and fair landlord from one who is going to increase rent with little notice and leave issues and problems unfixed for weeks on end. Which is why we’ve pulled together this list of three top things to look for, which will help you to identify a trustworthy and reputable landlord.

1. They asked you to sign all the proper contracts

If a landlord asks you to sign all the correct paperwork and contracts and outlines the kinds of details you need to know such as notice period from both parties and deposit information, then you can be fairly certain that they are a registered and trustworthy landlord.

2. You have a way of contacting them directly if you have any problems  

When something goes wrong, it falls into the hands of the landlord to organise the correct repair work or serviceman to come and attend the situation. This should be done as quickly as possible with a sure-fire sign of a trustworthy landlord being one who is happy to give you his or her details to use in such a situation.

Even if it is just to approve you sourcing your own solution and billing them for the work, having a number to call is a sign of security and reputation.

3. They work with a lettings agency

They say that the best marketing for any industry is word of mouth, and while previous tenants’ reviews and testimonial can go some way to sharing others’ views on a landlord, one of the best signs that they are trustworthy is that they work with a lettings agency.

When a landlord works or partners with a letting agency, they essentially outsource the management of both contracts and details to that agency giving the tenant a company or specific name to forward all issues to, who then becomes their port of call throughout the tenancy. For busy landlords, this is a valuable way of ensuring properties are well kept and that tenants are vetted and looked after and it tells you, as a prospective tenant, that the landlord cares enough to want their property to be managed effectively and safely.

Here at Keystones Property, we work with landlords and tenants across Essex delivering a quality service which units’ tenants with the best place for them to call home. When you work with us, you can rest assured that the landlord or owner of your rental property is not only trustworthy, but that the property is safe and yours to call home for as long as you want it.