Durability and Sturdiness of Wood Burning Hot Tub

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When you need to buy a hot tub, you can check RG Hot Tubs. This is nice choice where you will be able to find many hot tubs and each of them has great built quality. Wood burning hot tub in the manufacturer will be good thing that will not make you regret for purchasing it. The quality is great, and it is actually dedicated for the outdoor use so it is prepare well to handle any potential risks that can make it less durable. In case you want to use it for indoor, it is also very possible to do since there is no difference in it and it already has its own flue and chimney to manage the smoke for the burning process of wood to get the heat.

Good Built and Construction Quality of Wood Burning Hot Tub


Built and construction quality of the hot tub is important. It is because the hot tub is not a personal hot tub. It is designed so many people can use it. Four people and even more can use it together so its tub is big and spacious. Because of that, it will have huge volume of water and it will need special attention for the weight and water pressure. That is why built quality is important. The manufacturer is fully aware of it and that is why it uses good materials to handle those issues. It uses raw spruce wood on the exterior. It is strong wood that can handle the construction and frame of the hot tub. Since it is for the outer layer, it protects the hot tub from issues of temperature, water, and other problems. Then, the inside of the tub has stainless steel belt. It is strong and it will not have problem with corrosion. This becomes consideration since it deals with water so it should be material that will not have possibility of corrosion.

Durable Fiberglass Shell for the Tub

Then, its tub is made of fiberglass. Fiberglass is picked since it is not too heavy. That is why the whole weight of hot tub is less than 250 kilograms, so it is easy to move it with four people. Even if fiberglass is light in term of weight, it is not weak in term of strength. It is enough to handle the whole weights and water pressure, even when there are people inside the tub. It is also strengthened and supported by the stainless-steel belt. In addition, the fiberglass shell is designed so it can maintain the volume well and it still can deliver the heat, so it does not take much time to heat the whole volume of water inside the tub.

Some Choices of Hot Tubs in RG Hot Tubs

Those qualities are surely satisfying. In addition to those aspects, you can have some choices when you want to purchase the wood burning hot tub. First choice is about its log burner. There is external and integrated log burner. There is no big difference between them, but the integrated one can shorten the duration to heat the water. Then, you are able to choose color of the fiberglass shell. Its standard color is grey but you can have other choices and you can pick the suitable color based on your preference.